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MK Outdoor Journal strives to bring you honest, unbiased reviews of high Value-To-Cost ratio camping, shooting, and outdoors gear.

Gun Reviews and Shooting Videos

We look at firearms of all kinds- from those aimed a Joe Everyman to the latest and greatest!

Second Amendment News/Politics

Every Friday at 7pm Eastern, I host a Livestream on my YouTube channel, MK Outdoor Journal, called The Right of the People where I present Second Amendment related news of the week to a panel of guests and we discuss it with participants from the live chat. You can find it on YouTube here

About MK Outdoor Journal

MK Outdoor Journal used to be Budget Guns and Gear Reviews. As time went on and the channel went on, I started doing more than just reviews of budget-minded guns and gear. I expanded the scope of the channel to include other aspects of the Outdoors, and other tiers of equipment. As a result, I started to feel that a re-brand was in order.

And so MK Outdoor Journal was born.

But long-time subscribers shouldn’t worry! I will continue to bring you honest, unbiased reviews of camping, hiking, survival, and other outdoors gear, as well as firearms reviews and shooting videos, with how-to’s and Second Amendment-related news and commentary. In other words, the basic content won’t change. I just think that the new name better reflects the channel’s direction.

That pretty much sums it up!

MK Outdoor Journal uses Affiliate Links to some of the products reviewed on this site. We earn small commissions when those who click the link complete a purchase. This does NOT add any cost to the buyer, but helps us keep the lights on around here! Please help support us by using our links if you decide that you want to buy something you saw us review!


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