Bastion Gear Braza and Bastion Gear Persuader: High-Value EDC Blades!

EDC knives are a personal thing. Everyone likes something different, and knife companies try to satisfy those desires. One company that specializes in EDC gear has engineered a pair of knives that should satisfy those who want a high-quality knife at a very good price. Let’s take a look at the Bastion Gear Braza and Bastion Gear Persuader knives.

Bastion Gear Braza

The Bastion Gear Braza is a drop-point flipper with a Stainless handle and a D2 blade. It’s a frame lock design, and it uses ceramic bearings to ensure smooth operation. The blade’s spine has some mild jimping near the pivot. Speaking of the blade, it has a drop point that has some “extra meat” near the tip.

The Bastion Braza has a drop point D2 steel blade with a nice curve to it. Notice the extra metal at the tip.

Admittedly, that extra meat was a turnoff for me at first. However, as I used the knife I came to appreciate that extra metal. I used the knife to baton through some seasoned wood with no problems, since I was NOT afraid to break the tip. The tip also has a 90-degree spine, which is not the case with the rest of the blade.

The Bastion Gear Braza’s tip has a 90 degree spine.

As I said above, Bastion made the handle from Stainless steel. They rounded it in the right places and it has no hot spots. In order to maintain your knife, you can take it apart via Torx screws to clean it, and you can remove the pocket clip if you wish. You can’t change the clip’s placement- it’s set up for right-handed tip-up carry.

The Bastion Gear Braza has a nicely rounded handle. You can disassemble it for cleaning.

Fit and finish on the Braza is very clean. There are no machining marks and it is well assembled. Even after heavy use, the blade stayed centered in the handle.

Bastion Gear Persuader

In addition to the Braza, I got a chance to look at the Bastion Gear Persuader. The Persuader is a titanium-handled flipper with a D2 steel blade. Just like the Braza, the Persuader is a frame lock design that uses ceramic bearings. Bastion did not put jimping on the spine of the trailing point scimitar blade.

The Bastion Gear Persuader has a trailing point scimitar blade made from D2 steel.

As I said above, the Persuader has a handle made from titanium. This makes for a light yet solid knife. Like the Braza, it is held together with Torx screws, so cleaning is easy. The VERY stout pocket clip is reversible, but only allows tip-up carry. The handle is extremely comfortable, and in conjunction with the blade shape, it makes for an easy cutting knife.

The Bastion Gear Persuader has a titanium handle with a very stout pocket clip.

Overall Impressions

Overall, I am very impressed with both the Bastion Gear Braza and the Bastion Gear Persuader. Both knives performed well when I used them, even when that use was outside their EDC knife role. They are solid and well made, with top-notch fit and finish. All in all, they are WELL worth the $69.99 price tag that each commands. You can get the Braza HERE, and you can find the Persuader HERE. If you’d rather, you can get them on Amazon as well.

The Bastion Braza and Bastion Persuader are High-Value EDC knives!

Don’t forget to go to my YouTube channel and check out the video review!

Check out the video review of the Bastion Gear Braza and Bastion Gear Persuader EDC Knives!

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